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About Shelter Behavior Solutions

Animal shelters are in desperate need of resources that reflect modern standards in animal behavior. Shelter Behavior Solutions is committed to providing resources to better support staff, volunteers, and adopters, and improve the welfare of the animals in their care. 

Shelter Behavior Solutions is owned and operated by Lisa Mullinax, CDBC, who has worked in and consulted for open admission, managed admission, and limited admission shelters in California, Colorado, and Washington State.


Lisa Mullinax is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC). For 20 years, Lisa has provided staff training and support for shelter, rescue, and veterinary professionals, behavior consultations for pet owners, as well as serving as an expert witness on dangerous dog cases. Learn more about shelter consulting services.

Over the course of her career, Lisa has worked with thousands of dogs, earned five certifications in behavior and training, and accrued over 500 hours of continuing education with some of the top training and behavior professionals in the industry. 

Lisa also runs the popular 4PawsUniversity Facebook page, where her articles have been shared by dog lovers in over 40 countries and are used as a resource by trainers and behavior professionals. Lisa's has presented dozens of seminars and webinars on fearful, reactive, and aggressive behavior.

Lisa currently lives near Seattle with her foster fail, Simon, a 3 year-old Cattledog/Coonhound mix who keeps her extremely busy.

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